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Completed installation of eight new elevators at Block 37.

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We’re experts at building and installing all types of elevators, with particular expertise in traction (cable) equipment. We’ve installed over 1,000 elevators and escalators, including the vertical transportation in some of the landmark buildings in Chicago. Our ability to analyze the probable traffic patterns in your building and our knowledge of the latest elevator technologies allow us to help you select the most efficient and cost-effective system for your construction project. We incorporate the latest improvements in modern design, performance and energy efficiency in our new elevator projects.

We will work with your architect in providing specifications and recommendations as to the type, size and speed of equipment to best conform with requirements of individual buildings. In addition, contractors can rely upon us for fast, accurate and competitive estimates,
including cost and construction time.

Mid-American can install all of the following elevator equipment including:
• relatively inexpensive hydraulic elevators for buildings up to six floors,
• cost-effective geared traction elevators for mid-rise construction,
• high-performance gearless traction elevators for high-rise projects, and
• large freight elevators or material lifts for commercial or industrial applications.
Simply tell us what you would like to accomplish and we’ll do the rest!

Quality Renovation

Elevator renovation and modernization work in older buildings is a Mid-American specialty. We can return older elevators and escalators to near new condition at a tremendous savings over the option of complete replacement.

We offer the following services:
• Quality work on any brand or type
• Heavy-duty, industry standard, nonproprietary equipment
• The most advanced microprocessor control systems
• Wide selection of signal fixtures and cab finishes
• Energy efficiency
• Free, honest estimates
• Fast start and completion


Some of Mid-American’s most significant installations include: 
The James R. Thompson Center, Chicago
The Harold Washington Library, Chicago
The U.S. Custom House, Chicago
The Main State Department Building, Washington D.C.
The Export/Import Bank, Washington D.C.
Metropolitan Regional Transportation Authority, Atlanta, Ga.
The Chicago Transit Authority, Orange Line extension & Green Line Rehabilitation|
Block 37, Chicago
The Chicago Transit Authority Blue Line
Modernization of over 50 senior buildings for CHA
The Pentagon, Escalators, Washington D.C.
Bay Area Rapid Transit Authority, escalator renovation, San Francisco, Ca.
Kennedy Space Center – 20 elevators, Pad A & Pad B
         IRS Building, Washington D.C.
Museum of Science & Industry, Chicago, IL
Police Consolidation Units, Chicago, IL
V.A. Medical Center, North Chicago, IL
VA Medical Center, Ann Arbor MI
Underwriters Laboratory Ceiling Elevator
Dart Inclined Elevators
WMATA  Escalator Renovation
WMATA  Elevator Renovation|
Modernization of 14 elevators at Criminal Courts Bldg 3600 S. California|
Installation of the elevators in the new San Francisco Federal Office Building.

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