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Practical Programmable Elevator Controllers
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Like other independent elevator contractors, we realize that to remain competitive with Otis, Schindler, Kone and Thyssen, we must offer our customers more innovative products and services. One area that was particularly necessary for our installation and renovation business during the past 15 years was having a good microprocessor-based control system.

Our experience with several microprocessor systems purchased from other controller manufacturers for our new elevator installations and in the renovation of geared and gearless elevators in mid-rise buildings was not satisfactory. The systems were single source proprietary computers designed as dedicated elevator controllers, offering limited flexibility. We found that repairs or modifications to the microcomputer hardware or software could only be made by the manufacturer. This was often expensive and generally had a three or four day turnaround time, frequently causing excessive downtime on our elevators. The systems were sometimes impossible to troubleshoot, and our maintenance mechanics, adjusters and engineers got tired of working with a “black box” whose operation they would never fully understand.

As an alternative, we decided to design and build our own controllers. We began by selecting as the main element  of the control system, a general purpose industrial-duty microcomputer made by the Square D Company. When we started in 1984, the Square D Symax 300 programmable controller offered an excellent combination of features and cost. After three years of research, development and on-site testing on a wide variety of elevator installations in Chicago, our new control systems performed beyond our expectations. At that time, we felt that this “open system” controller would be equally valuable to other independent contractors, and we began to sell our systems to other independent elevator companies nationwide.

In the succeeding years we have utilized other brands of programmable controllers as various manufacturers have improved their PLC’s price/performance ratio and added features that have proven valuable in specific applications. Programmable controller brands we support include GE Fanuc and Allen-Bradley. These systems have proven reliable and maintainable.

We recently installed these controllers with GE PLCs on the Space Shuttle launch tower at the Kennedy Space Center where the PLCs are recognized for reliability and maintainability.

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