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Completed installation of eight new elevators at Block 37.

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We have an extensive parts inventory in place at our warehouse consisting of control and selector components including relays, contacts, coils, chains, motors, clutches, resistors, capacitors, door equipment, including spare door motors, rollers, hangers, detector edges, gibs, hatch equipment including switches roller guides selector tapes or cables, and  fixture components including buttons, switches, light bulbs etc.

Mid-American has had many years of experience in the procurement of elevator parts for virtually every brand of elevator.  Mid-American is presently doing maintenance on over 500 elevators including cars produced by almost every elevator manufacturer.  These include Swift, Otis, Westinghouse, Haughton, Dover, Montgomery KONE, U.S. Elevator, Armor, ESCO, F.S. Payne, and others.

Some of our sources of supply includes:

Adams Elevator Company
Computerized Elevator Control, Corp.
Elevator Cable and Supply
Quality Elevator
Unitec Elevator
General Elevator
Denver Elevator
World Electronics
Mathis Elevator
Armor Elevator
Otis Elevator
Schindler Elevator
Montgomery Elevator
Moline Accessories


Mid-American maintains a substantial tool and equipment inventory at our warehouse facility at 820 North Wolcott. This inventory includes a complete selection of equipment needed for installation and maintenance of elevator and escalators.  Some of the tools we stock are:

Ladders, step and extensionChain falls and comealongs
Two complete cabling road boxes with banjo clamps, come-a-longs, and babbit pots
A-stands and gantries
xygen/Acetylene Torches
Electric drills, magnetic drills, hammers drills, saws, power tap guns
Multi-meters, megohm meters, oscilloscope
Computer programming devices for both Omron, Swift 5000, Square D, General Electric, and Allen-Bradley control computers



Mid-American Elevator
820 N Wolcott Ave, Chicago, IL 60622
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Spacesaver Parking Systems
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