Automobile Elevators

Increase Your Parking Space with a Car Lift

Custom Car Elevators

Is your car or truck storage facility located in a crowded, densely developed area? Can’t fit enough parking spaces into your garage because the ramps take up too much room? Let Mid-American Elevator design and build an automobile elevator for your commercial parking garage or your car dealership, condo complex or private property parking facility.

An auto elevator lifts cars, trucks and drivers to and from parking floors. Regardless of the platform size, height and speed you desire, Mid-American will design and install the equipment that optimizes your space, while ensuring safety and maximizing convenience.

Our highly skilled professionals will build and install the perfect elevator to meet your exact needs. Our custom solutions are designed to accommodate the additional technical requirements that arise with:

  • Higher capacities
  • Corrosion resistance from rain, snow and salt carried in on vehicles
  • Large, automated freight doors
  • Eccentric loading
  • Proper ventilation and protection to avoid the dangers of exhaust fumes
  • Special call stations, including remote call buttons in vehicles, if desired
Mid-American Elevator