New Installation

Top-Notch Services from an Industry Leader

Engineering and Installation with You in Mind

Mid-American Elevator boasts 50 years of experience installing all types of elevators and other lift solutions in a variety of environments. We build completely non-proprietary equipment and provide comprehensive operations and maintenance manuals so you can:

  • Troubleshoot and maintain your equipment
  • Easily obtain any necessary components
  • Identify issues without proprietary diagnostic tools

Design and Development Services

We analyze your requirements and guide you to the most effective way to meet your vertical transportation goals by integrating our extensive knowledge of building codes relevant to your municipality, ADA regulations, an extensive traffic analysis, and environmental classification requirements for elevators and lifting solutions. We will provide comprehensive submittals for your approval.

Your submittal includes a clear definition of what we are providing, and it accurately identifies coordination issues. This process allows us to reduce problems, delays and unforeseen costs during the manufacturing, construction and warranty maintenance phases of your project. Every new installation comes with one year of full maintenance and call-back service; additional years can be purchased at your request.

Experienced, Trained Personnel

Only Mid-American’s most experienced engineering and project management professionals supervise your project’s design, submittals and approval; manufacturing; permitting; installation; adjusting and testing; and warranty maintenance. We are able to execute work anywhere within the United States.

At a minimum, our supervisors have OSHA 30-hour certification and our field technicians possess OSHA 10-hour certification. They receive specialized training specific to the elevator industry, and site-specific training that covers work in highly industrial and controlled environments. Full-time safety management personnel ensure the safety of all our workers and the public during installation and regularly perform field safety audits. Our goal is to achieve an incident- and injury-free work environment.

Equipment Types

Elevator Drive Types

  • Traction
  • Hydraulic
  • Rack and Pinion**
  • Winding Drum
  • Scissor Lift
  • Screw Drive
  • Gala Lift

** Offered through our sister company, USA Hoist.

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