Low-Rise Elevators

Even if your building isn’t a skyscraper, having low-rise elevators installed is extremely helpful. Low-rise elevator installation makes your property inviting to tenants and more convenient and compliant with ADA regulations. When you’re looking for elevators for low-rise buildings that deliver exceptional performance, come to Mid-American Elevator.

Our extensive capabilities and expertise give us the ability to install and service low-rise hydraulic elevators as well as other varieties. We’re the leader in the marketplace because no one else has the ability to provide as many solutions for buildings of virtually any size and shape. No matter how many floors you have, you can expect the same lofty standards from us.

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What We Can Do for You

Our complete knowledge of offerings from many of the leading manufacturers in the industry means we have the know-how to build a low-rise traction elevator or whatever else you need. This includes machine-room-less (MRL) models. Typically used when space is at a premium, these elevators are configured so that they don’t require a fixed machine room at the top of the hoistway. Our experience with low-rise MRL elevators makes us the perfect choice for your property. We can design and install an MRL low-rise elevator that fits your floorplan and specifications as closely as possible.

When working with us, you’ll receive expert assistance every step of the way. Our designers will take a look at your facility and analyze your requirements. Once we’ve determined the ideal system for you, we will build precisely the right solution for your vertical transportation needs, regardless of the site’s limitations.

We specialize in creating systems that fit into even the most unusual and challenging environments. When we’re finished, you’ll have a lift that performs with the highest levels of safety, reliability and efficiency. Whether you need yours to carry passengers, freight or both, we can give you the perfect answer. Because we’re focused on providing the greatest value for your money, you can be certain that you’ll receive a low-rise elevator at a cost that fits your budget just as well as your building.

Why Choose Mid-American Elevator?

For more than four decades, we have held a leadership position in the market, thanks to our commitment to cutting-edge technology and top-flight customer service. We’re dedicated to providing the most comprehensive collection of capabilities found anywhere. Our expertise ranges from design and installation to full repair and maintenance.

All of this adds up to making us the right choice for you. Don’t let price be the only consideration when choosing the contractor to handle your project. Find out why our quality makes our services more than worth it. For additional information or to request a quote, reach out today.


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