Transit Elevators

Moving Ahead of the Competition

Custom Transit Elevators and Escalators

Transit elevators and escalators are among Mid-American Elevator’s primary fields of expertise. These products must be specifically designed to operate in the harsh conditions presented by train stations, bus terminals and airports.

We have been installing, modernizing and servicing elevators and escalators in transit environments for 30 years. Our clients include:

  • Chicago Transit Authority
  • Metra
  • Washington Area Metropolitan Transit Authority
  • Bay Area Rapid Transit
  • New York Metropolitan Transit Authority
  • Long Island Railroad
  • Dallas Area Rapid Transit
  • Anaheim Regional Transit Intermodal Center

Meeting Your Most Demanding Challenges

We are highly familiar with the specific challenges that transit elevators must be designed to endure, including:

  • The need for waterproofing and weatherproofing
  • Significant temperature variation
  • Vandalism, urination and other criminal activity
  • Heightened reliability requirements
  • Equipment that is non-proprietary and universally maintainable in order to provide municipalities with a competitive building environment for long-term maintenance and repair

Standards and Requirements

We possess detailed knowledge of the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) guidelines and the variations that specific municipalities and transit systems require. You can trust Mid-American to meet all your transit system needs with high-quality, compliant solutions.

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