Whether your property has two floors or 200, passenger elevator installations are necessary for the comfort and convenience of your tenants or employees. Without them, residents, workers and visitors would be forced to climb stairs every time they had to get to a different level. For those with disabilities, passenger elevators are crucial to enabling their mobility throughout a building.

With nearly every commercial, governmental, industrial and multifamily residential building relying on elevators, property owners and managers depend on passenger elevator manufacturers with deep knowledge and expertise concerning their design, applications and functions. Mid-American Elevator stands out as one of the best passenger elevator companies in the business. Our extensive experience makes us the ideal choice to provide the vertical transportation solutions your building needs to transport residents, visitors or employees safely and efficiently.

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Our Complete Capabilities

As a recognized leader in the industry, we have the skill and know-how necessary to deliver both standard and customized equipment. Our specialty is creating systems that fit into even the most challenging and demanding environments. For example, mass transit facilities require lifts that carry large groups of commuters and travelers hundreds if not thousands of times per day. We have the ability to build a system that will perform reliably and efficiently for this or any other application. Our designers will examine your property closely and design the most appropriate equipment to achieve your specific goals.

Depending on your property’s restrictions and floor plan, for example, you may or may not have the space for a machine room for passenger elevators. Fortunately, our comprehensive capabilities also include machine-room-less (MRL) passenger elevators as well as more traditional models. This means that no matter what limitations you may have, you can count on us to develop a solution that will meet your requirements.

Why Choose Mid-American?

We’ve been at the forefront of technology and service for more than 40 years. We’ve raised the bar in more ways than one by concentrating on the most complete suite of services found anywhere. This means we can provide our customers with full repair and maintenance as well as design and installation.

When looking for the right company to build your next passenger elevator, cost shouldn’t be your only criteria. The overall quality of the finished product determines how much value you’ll receive over the long run. For more information about what we can do for you and your facility, get in touch with us today.

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