A freight elevator is indispensible in numerous commercial and industrial facilities. Because so many types of businesses count on freight elevators to perform such a vital function in their operations, they need a freight elevator company that can deliver the highest quality with consistency. As the recognized leader in the marketplace, Mid-American Elevator has the capabilities and skill to provide freight elevator install services as well as maintenance for a wide range of situations.

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What We Can Do for You

With our comprehensive expertise covering most of the major manufacturers, we’re the best source for whatever your facility requires. Whether your operations call for hydraulic freight elevators or traction freight elevators, we can provide exactly the right solution. We also specialize in creating customized systems that can fit into virtually any specifications.

With our skill and experience in-house, we can develop an expertly crafted commercial or industrial freight elevator — even in situations when installation would be extremely complicated. Our designers analyze your needs and help you build the most appropriate system for your vertical transportation goals, no matter the limitations.

A critical element of any elevator is how much it can lift. Without the proper capacity, your operation may not be able to meet its efficiency or safety standards. This could put your workers, products and profitability at risk. With the capability to create elevators that can carry up to 600,000 pounds, we can scale your freight elevator to meet just about any need.

Why Choose Mid-American Elevator?

For more than 40 years, we have raised the bar in the industry by focusing on delivering the most complete suite of freight elevator services. In addition to design and installation, we specialize in full repair and maintenance.

When choosing the right company for your next freight elevator, cost shouldn’t be the only consideration. The value you get for what you spend is determined by the overall quality of the finished product. Get in touch with us today for more information.

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