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FAID Testing 

The State of Illinois recently amended the A17.1.2019 code to incorporate testing of fire alarm initiating devices (FAID) on a five-year basis. If an elevator is equipped with smoke detectors, flow switches, or similar devices triggering Fireman’s Emergency Recall, they must undergo testing by your fire company, with oversight from the elevator inspector. This mandate does not apply to elevators within the City of Chicago.

Hydraulic elevators – Hydraulic elevators with fire fighters automatic recall will need to be tested and witnessed by an elevator inspection and be fully functional by 12/31/24.  The FAID testing will be required every 5 years.

Traction elevators – Traction elevators will still be required to have their FAID done during their next CAT 5 test after 1/1/24.  If you can get the FAID done sooner on the traction elevators that is a good thing as well.  The FAID testing will be required every 5 years.

City of Chicago – The City of Chicago elevators are exempt from this requirement.  This requirement is only for non-City of Chicago elevators.

Information for Owners/Property Managers

Building owners are encouraged to expedite their testing process as much as possible, as we’ve encountered numerous elevators where the recall function isn’t functioning properly. While most issues stem from the fire alarm company, some are easily rectified while others may take more time. Identifying these issues sooner allows us to promptly address them and ensure compliance with the FAID requirement.

For our customers, following the initial FAID test, every five years, an additional hourly charge, will be included in the annual testing appointment.  FAID testing will be coordinated by our staff.  

How is this different from the Fire Recall tested annually? The annual fire recall test was witnessed by an Elevator Inspector but did not include testing every device and Fire Recall tests and did not include overseeing by the Life Safety provider.

What are the associated costs? There will be an hourly rate from the Elevator Inspector and Life Safety provider, in addition to any charges outlined in your existing contract


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