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Completed installation of eight new elevators at Block 37.

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Specialized Systems

Kennedy Launch Pad A

Mid-American has the design and installation expertise to execute the most difficult custom projects. Our engineers are familiar with the entire range of lifting technologies–hydraulic, scissors, screw, cable drum, cable traction, and rack and pinion. If you have a highly specialized vertical transportation problem, we can find a cost-effective solution.

We can provide:
Advanced Engineering and CAD capabilities
Super Large Elevators and Lifts (we’ve done systems to 600,000 lbs.)
Specialized Operations (prisons, hospitals, automatic load and unload elevators, VIP elevators, automated material lifting     and positioning systems)
Outdoor, Waterproof and Explosion Proof
Truck and Automobile Elevators
Inclined and Sidewalk Elevators
Industrial Elevators
Stage Lifts
Panoramic Elevators
Installation anywhere in the United States
Equipment Sales and Technical Assistance anywhere in the world        

Space Shuttle launching pad, Kennedy Space Center, Florida
(Photo courtesy of NASA)

Exterior rack & pinion freight elevator
for power plant

Custom 500,000lb lift system, Underwriters Laboratories, Northbrook, IL

Museum of Science and Industry,
Chicago, Illinois

72,000 lb. scissor lift, Lyric Opera Building,
Chicago, Illinois

Dallas Rapid Transit inclined elevator with interior view of cab,
Dallas, Texas


Puma Store, Glass elevator,  Block 37,
Chicago, Illinois

Custom 3 story pneumatic elevator
Chicago, Illinois

CTA Custom Elevator
Chicago, Texas


Mid-American Elevator
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Spacesaver Parking Systems
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