A Captain of Many Industries

Our Work Facilitates Your Work

The industrial market is broad, as is the variety of elevator and lift solution configurations and requirements to service that market. That is why Mid-American Elevator’s versatility in the application of different drive systems and elevator configurations and features is so valuable.

Our experience includes providing and servicing elevators for:

  • Power plants
  • Refineries
  • Mines
  • Factories
  • Data centers
  • Scientific research facilities
  • Clean facilities

We can handle virtually any type of elevator or lift. Do you have rack and pinion elevators outside, material lifts and hydraulic elevators inside, or a dumbwaiter to service the cafeteria? We can install and repair them all!

Standards and Requirements

Are your elevators subject to strict quality control requirements? Due to the varied nature of our business lines, we are not ISO-certified, but we are able to provide and comply with strict quality control requirements. We have worked for organizations — such as Exxon, NASA and various transit authorities — with strict requirements. Quality control plan design, inspection test plans, written test procedures, hold points and documented material tracking are all second nature to Mid-American Elevator.

Mid-American Elevator