Bringing Aging Elevators Up to Date

What Is Elevator Modernization?

Searching for an elevator modernization company? Look no further than Mid-American Elevator. We excel in lift modernization, from controller updates to elevator cab and fixture changes, to extensive replacement of all your elevator equipment. Mid-American Elevator has the experience and resources to provide the most appropriate and latest technologies to optimize the results of your modernization.

Why Undergo an Elevator Modernization?

As elevators age, they begin to experience recurring repairs and excessive shutdowns — these are signs that your elevator may need modernization. Plus, aging equipment becomes more difficult to support due to the lack of available spare parts, difficulty getting electrical prints and ongoing code changes.

Upgrading your equipment is often the best way to significantly improve the safety, reliability and efficiency of your conveyance system. Modern systems reduce energy consumption, improve traffic-handling capabilities, and increase the value of your building or residential property. Elevator modernization keeps older buildings competitive with newer buildings, and typically provides a good financial return based on increasing the value of your building.

Why Mid-American Elevator?

  • Non-Proprietary Equipment

    Mid-American Elevator uses only high-quality, non-proprietary equipment when performing modernizations. This enables any qualified elevator company to maintain your equipment. We believe that using non-proprietary equipment is the most important factor an owner should consider for controlling long-term maintenance expenses.

    Companies that use their own proprietary equipment require special tools to maintain their equipment. These proprietary tools are generally not available to other elevator companies; this often leaves the building owner with only one service company choice and drives up service and repair costs for two to three decades.

  • Free Assessment and Recommendations

    Our modernization staff will provide your facility with an assessment of the condition of the existing elevator equipment and recommendations for upgrading the system and improving the performance and reliability of the elevators — at no charge.

  • We Work with You

    We handle a wide selection of cabs to meet every need. The cabs are available in a variety of modern interior designs utilizing wood, mirror, stainless steel, stone, plastic and more. We also offer a host of accessories like custom fixtures, remote diagnostics, integration with building security and smoke alarm systems, and video displays in the cab for information or entertainment.

    If you do not have the ability to modernize an entire elevator at one time, we will work with you to develop a modernization plan that can be executed over several years.

Mid-American Elevator