Mid-American Elevator Is Your Safest Bet

Explosion-Proof Elevator Applications

As an industry leader in explosion-proof elevators, Mid-American Elevator has extensive experience working in a wide range of facilities associated with a variety of hazard classification and design requirements. We are capable of designing equipment for hazardous locations that deal with explosive gases, dusts and other ignitable solids. Additionally, we can design any of our custom elevators — whether outdoor, inclined, robotic interface or any others — with hazard classifications in mind.

Over the years, we have provided explosion-proof elevator and lift equipment for the following types of facilities:

  • Space shuttle and rocket launch pads and facilities
  • Oil and gas refineries
  • Coal power plants
  • Fertilizer plants
  • Offshore platforms

How We Provide Explosion Protection

We protect against explosion through a variety of means:

  • Rated motors and high-voltage electrical equipment
  • NEMA 7 enclosures
  • Purged NEMA 4 controls and equipment where instrument air is available
  • Intrinsically safe control circuits
  • Armored cabling
  • Sealed piping
  • Energy chains and traveling cable management systems to reduce the possibility of breakage

Standards and Requirements

While we primarily design and install to U.S. standards and associated UL compliance requirements, we are familiar with all commonly used hazard classification regimens and their specific requirements:

  • NEC and NFPA 70 Class, Division and Zone
  • ATEX Zone
  • IECEX Zone

While Mid-American is not ISO-certified, we can provide a robust quality control system tailored to your project to ensure that your elevator or lift product complies with all of your technical and process requirements.

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