Elevators for Low-Rise Applications

About Hydraulic Elevators

Commercial, industrial and residential hydraulic elevators are primarily used in low-rise applications. While usually serving 2 – 5 floors, their height can occasionally top 50 feet, especially in roped hydraulic configurations.

Hydraulic elevators offer speeds up to approximately 200 feet per minute, and they have the unsurpassed ability to handle large capacities. In fact, Mid-American provides hydraulic elevator and lifting systems with lifting capacities exceeding 100,000 lbs.

Hydraulic elevators also have the advantage of transferring the majority of the elevator structural loads into the pit floor, unlike traction elevators that are usually supported near the highest level of the structure.

Hydraulic Elevator Types

We provide and install all the different hydraulic lift types:

  • Holed hydraulic elevators
  • Twin jack holeless hydraulic elevators
  • Roped hydraulic elevators
  • Material lifts
  • Sidewalk lifts
  • Outdoor hydraulic elevators
  • Explosion-proof hydraulic elevators

Why Mid-American Elevator?

In addition to installation, Mid-American Elevator’s experienced, trained professionals can modernize and service your hydraulic home or commercial elevator. Regardless of the location, industry or age of your facility, we meet all your elevator needs with top-notch customer service.

Mid-American Elevator