Traction Elevator Installation and Service

About Traction Elevators

Electric traction elevators are the most common and adaptable type of elevator. They can serve 2 floors or 200 but are most commonly used when total travel exceeds 40 feet.

Traction elevators can be designed for a broad range of speeds, capacities and configurations. With available speeds up to 1,200 feet per minute and capacities up to 40,000 lbs., we will help you figure out what works best for your particular application.

Traction Elevator Types

Mid-American Elevator can provide and install any of the different traction lift types:

  • Overhead geared traction elevators
  • Overhead gearless traction elevators
  • MRL (Machine Room Less) elevators
  • Basement machines
  • Inclined traction elevators
  • Outdoor traction elevators
  • Explosion-proof traction elevators
  • 1:1 or 2:1 roping
  • Compensation chains and cables

Why Mid-American Elevator?

Mid-American Elevator is capable of doing more than installation. Our experienced, skilled professionals can also modernize and service your traction elevator system. We meet all your elevator requirements, expertly and with the highest level of customer service — no matter your location, industry, or age and condition of your system.

Mid-American Elevator