Solutions to Your Challenging Lift Problem

Solving Your Difficult Lift Problems

No matter how big your challenge, Mid-American Elevator can solve it! Our passion is custom elevators, and we excel in providing highly specific, innovative elevators and lifts in a range of industries. Our team loves working on this type of project, meeting the unique needs of our clients with ingenious, creative solutions such as:

  • Outdoor Elevators
  • Explosion-Proof Elevators
  • Transit Elevators
  • Truck and Automobile Elevators
  • Inclined Elevators
  • Industrial Elevators
  • Stage Lifts
  • Robotic Integrations
  • Super High-Capacity Elevators and Lifts
    • We have built systems that accommodate up to 600,000 lbs.
  • Specialized Operations
    • Prison elevators, hospital elevators, automatic load and unload elevators, VIP elevators, automated material lifting and positioning systems
  • Sidewalk Elevators
    • Material lifts that move products to different building levels both inside and outside
  • Panoramic Elevators
    • Designed with one or more glass sides to complement the building’s architecture and provide a view of the surrounding area

Unlimited Capabilities and Expertise

With decades of experience, Mid-American excels in custom elevator manufacturing and modernizing and maintaining the types of elevators that our competitors cannot or will not tackle. If your project falls outside the above list, let’s talk — chances are, we can create an amazing solution just for you!

We offer installation services anywhere in the United States, and we sell equipment and provide technical assistance anywhere in the world.

Mid-American Elevator